Man rewarded her wife for staying with him when all he had then was 10k

April 5th, 2022

A Nigerian has expressed deep appreciation to his wife for giving him a chance and agreeing to marry him when he was poor.

The husband, Ademola Adebusoye has rewarded her for the decision she took three years ago when he had only 10,000 to his name.

He flew her out to Kenya for a vacation, adding that he and their son would go along on the next trip.

Ademola sad that she believed in him at a time that he had very little to offer and he loves her so much for that.

Sharing photos of his wife, the man wrote;

”When I proposed to my wife 3 years ago I had less than 10k to my name. She believed in me and said yes.

Today I sent her on vacation to Kenya without our son and me, Make she go relax and have good sleep.

Next one we going together, amen!

I love you so much @Titiloperealtor”

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