Woman who sponsored her wedding says she regret it as her marriage crashes after 4 months

April 4th, 2022

A Kenyan divorcee has opened up on the challenges she had in her marriage to ex-husband whom she dated for almost a decade.

June Katei Reeves expressed regrets over financial and emotional efforts she put into relationship with a man for 9 years as their marriage ended after just 4 months.

Speaking in an interview on Lynn Ngugi Show, June said that despite being married, she took on the role of a breadwinner as her partner brought nothing to the table even though he is able-boded

According to the woman, bought her wedding ring and even financed their wedding but made it look he did all the financing.

The Kenyatta University she and her ex-hubby met in the university back in 2009 and they immediately began dating and together for 9 years.

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