A young Nigerian mum has gotten over the heartbreak and devastation she felt when the love of her life denied being responsible for her pregnancy.

She said that they fell in love when she was an innocent young girl and everything went well for a while.

According to the single mother, he took care of her and gave her everything she wanted including money, but all that changed when she fell pregnant.

She informed him of the pregnancy but he denied it and told her never to contact him again, that was how their relationship ended.

She posted a video which captured the different phases of the situation from when they started dating, to him giving her money and other goodies. It also showed when she got pregnant and told him via WhatsApp where he sent her off.

The latter part of the clip shows the woman with her baby bump and when she eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Watch the video below:


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Social media users shared divergent views on what she should do now that she has a baby.

kemxy_699; I have so many questions I dunno where to start

gain.with.favor; Don’t worry e will come back to his sense💯

fundzy_dc; When he deh give you money you no denied 🙅‍♀️ na Wetin you deh find you don see 🤷‍♂️

esther_nmesomachukwu; Some Women get too excited when you show them small baby girl treatment,wake up sis

kingpablo_042; Boys will always be boys,Real men accept there responsibility,Children are gift from God ,When belly come that’s when you will know who truly love you

therealfaithdoll_; Sorry sis Atleast you enjoy at the beginning of the relationship 😂 if una don see spending guy ur next thinking na to use belle tie him down….can’t you focus on how to build yourself before thinking of having babies 👶

papi_demillie; “When some ladies say “He gave me everything i need”. Just know it’s not more than financial assistance. They are that shallow minded. Why won’t he deny the pregnancy.

lee_m_ah_12; Na ajo money be that money nothing wey anyone wan tell me.

iam_kv_quincy; Move on.you have a beautiful baby girl already be proud of it.atlist u have learnt ur lessons a better man will come to ur life that will love u and ur child regardless

plutobaby147; Seriously??? U see enjoyment forget yourself 😡, u want personalize am 😡 greed ,most girl should know that it’s not a must having a children when in a relationship. Like you never enjoy finish u wan add another person, if you desperate then ask your partner n know his own thoughts on it … why not make money first , propose business ideas to ur partners make money together first before anything … now u dan born inside this hardship who wan train am now ???ehn ? Just de suffer the child and yourself.