Renowned Nigerian artist Olamide has once again set the music world ablaze with his highly anticipated new album, “Unruly.” This magnum opus, consisting of 15 tracks, showcases Olamide’s undeniable talent and versatility, cementing his status as a musical powerhouse.

Unruly” takes listeners on an immersive journey through a kaleidoscope of genres, blending Afrobeat, hip-hop, and traditional Nigerian sounds into a harmonious symphony of sonic delights. Each track is a testament to Olamide’s innovative approach, pushing boundaries and defying genres.

From the infectious beats of the album’s opener, “Euphoria,” to the introspective lyricism of “Soulful Echoes,” Olamide effortlessly navigates the spectrum of human emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his audience. The album’s title track, “Unruly,” embodies the artist’s unapologetic and audacious spirit, celebrating individuality and breaking free from societal norms.

As “Unruly” grapples with themes of identity, love, and ambition, Olamide’s candid storytelling resonates deeply with listeners, creating an intimate connection that transcends cultural boundaries. Each track possesses a unique essence, making “Unruly” an album that offers something for every musical palate.

Unruly” is an album that demands to be heard, celebrated, and cherished for generations to come. As Olamide fearlessly unravels his musical prowess, listeners are invited to join him on an unforgettable sonic journey that celebrates the unruliness within us all.

Track List:
1. Celebrate (Prod. by Magicsticks)
2. Jinja (Prod. by Eskeez)
3. Problem (Prod. by Magicsticks)
4. Gaza (Prod. by Eskeez)
5. Doom (Prod. by Eskeez x Magicsticks)
6. Trumpet Ft. Ckay (Prod. by PPrime)
7. Come Alive Ft. BNXN (Prod. by PPrime)
8. New Religion Ft. Asake (Prod. by Bbanks x Magicsticks)
9. Shibebe Ft. Fireboy DML (Prod. by Eskeez)
10. Mukulu Ft. Rema
11. Hardcore (Prod. by Eskeez)
12. Supplier (Prod. by Eskeez)
13. Life Goes On (Prod. by Eskeez)
14. No Worries (Prod. by Eskeez)
15. Street Jam (Prod. by Eskeez)