JAE5, a British-Ghanaian maestro of musical records and compositions, has unearthed a fresh, enchanting melody entitled “I Wish.”

To enhance its allure, he sought the vocal aid of Libianca, a remarkably talented Cameroonian-American chanteuse and lyricist, in addition to enlisting the prowess of Lojay, an acclaimed Nigerian melodist, both of whom deliver masterful stanzas that shall surely leave the audience spellbound.

This masterpiece is a captivating opus that is certain to invigorate your senses. Furthermore, should you possess an affinity for harmonious cadences, it is a worthy addition to your musical anthology.

Kindly indulge yourself in the auditory delight of JAE5’s composition featuring Lojay and Libianca, entitled “I Wish,” by engaging in the act of listening and downloading the audio in Mp3 format below.

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